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Quang Nam specialties become gifts

Kiều Bảo Hân Hapinut hội chợ

The project “Sợi Ngọc xứ Quảng” by Kieu Bao Han won the Quang Nam Startup Awards 2020.

Kieu Bao Han - Hapinut startup fair
Hapinut products at a startup fair in Ho Chi Minh city

Kieu Bao Han was born and grew up in a family with tradition of making vermicelli and noodles. Her desire of developing local and familial traditional products has been harboured since she was at university.

In 2019, she decided to found Hapinut Co., Ltd, specializing in Quang Nam native products.

After over 2 years of development, Hapinut has step by step confirmed its trademark in the market.

Kiều Bảo Hân
Kieu Bao Han

Besides, a lot of other Hapinut products are popular with customers, including peanut oil, butter, vermicelli, and fresh Quang noodles.

According to Han, Hapinut is currently focusing on the project “Sợi Ngọc xứ Quảng” (Quang Nam pearl yarn) with a factory producing vermicelli and noodles that is equipped with automatic technology.

Bơ hạt đậu phộng Hapinut
Peanut butter

The project is aimed at making Quang noodles a special portable gift. Han hopes Quang noodles will be delivered to every place in the country and abroad via the project.

At present, Hapinut creates jobs for a lot of local people in Dai Loc district, Quang Nam province.

Source: Quảng Nam News

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